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Locally and Organically Sourced

Organic Produce Delivery Service

We know that you need the best quality veggies in your kitchen, and that is why we strive to meet your everyday needs. For 29 years now, AM Produce distributes the best fresh produce in Ontario, Etobicoke, and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Regardless of where you’re, you can contact us for quality and fresh produce.

About AM Produce

AM Produce is family-owned and operated. We engage in distributing fresh produce to customers daily, weekly, monthly, or as requested. We began as a small produce distributor in Toronto, Ontario, but we’ve grown to be a full-fledged fresh produce delivery service provider in several Canadian cities. Throughout the 29 decades of our produce delivery service, customers have come to love and adore our exceptional produce services. Our customer portfolio consists of large factories, manufacturers, supermarkets, grocery stores and homes. We treasure our business partners right from farmers to our customers. When you partner with us, we work to maintain a professional collaboration.

Why Us?

AM Produce is a reputable fresh produce distributor and wholesaler with vast experience. We offer a wide variety of fruits and vegetables for all purposes. Whether you run a restaurant, a juice processing company, or need produce for your household, we deliver! We are 100% flexible and dedicated to our customers’ requests. We serve through different channels like online and in-store. For that, you can buy fresh produce online or visit our stores in Etobicoke and Ontario. We give you value for every single penny and never compromise with quality.

The Freshness You Deserve!

We’re here to contribute to your well-being through our organic produce delivery service. Our team ensures to hand-pick the best and quality produce from growers and then deliver it to you while clean, fresh and good looking. With our services, you will find the everyday freshness that you deserve.

Fresh Cuts Everyday

Enjoy the goodness of farm fresh deliveries that give you quality meals and drinks every single day. We are the largest fresh produce online distributors and supply anything you want, right from apples, avocadoes, pineapples to vegetables. Regardless of the quantity you require, our team meets every order individually. We ensure to supply fresh produce to help you enjoy every cut and minimize wastage. So when you think about quality produce, consider AM Produce, a reliable produce distributor

Our Specialized Services

We stop at nothing to meet your demands and needs timely!

Fresh & Quality Fruits

We never compromise on quality, and we prove that with every delivery we make to our customers.

Budget-friendly Prices

Whether organic or conventional, our produce is reasonably priced to fit every budget.

Fast & Safe Delivery

Count on our fast-class delivery services that even follow all safety measures to ensure that your produce is delivered safely.

Superior Customer Experience

We strive to provide a five-star customer experience with a knowledgeable and experienced team.


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