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Locally and Organically Sourced

Fresh Fruit Delivery Service

Do you require juicier fruits for fresh juice or salads? Or you need fresh fruits for utmost replenishment? We are a leading fresh fruit supplier with the best fruits for consumption in Canada. Our fresh fruit delivery service caters to every need of individuals, businesses and fresh juice processing plants. We personalize our services to meet all customer needs on time, whether in bulk or not. Throughout seasons, we work to bring fresh produce to your door at a reasonable cost.

AM Produce: Who We Are!

We are one of the largest produce suppliers in Canada with a solid customer base in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, and the greater Toronto Area. For the years we’ve been in this produce distribution business, we have served with excellence and an undivided heart. We can adjust to every customer’s demands regardless of the quantity required and period.

Over the years, our family-operated business has grown to become a benchmark in the fresh fruit delivery service industry. It is because we employ the best techniques to procure, store, and deliver produce to customers. Our storage facilities are 100% temperature-controlled and monitored by experienced staff. Besides, our quality assessment team works hard to ensure that the best quality fruits are procured and delivered to customers in a good state.
We Create Lasting Relations!
Since our inception in the fruit distribution industry, we’ve learnt to treasure each player right from the grower to our customers. A.M Produce efficiently collaborates with different growers, packers, and suppliers and builds loyal relationships. Such principles have helped us meet customer demands timely.

Your One-Stop Produce Wholesale Partners: Fresh, Local, & Reliable

From apples, oranges, pears, watermelons, to grapes, we have various product types to meet your needs. Regular or fresh organic fruit delivery, our fruit delivery service is designed to meet all orders. Our list goes on to all organic and conventional fresh fruits for individual consumption or juice processing requirements. Whether you require daily, weekly, or monthly fruit delivery, we ensure to bring the produce to your table with great flexibility. Feel free to peruse our wide variety of fruits and related produce.

Our Specialized Services

We stop at nothing to meet your demands and needs timely!

Fresh & Quality Fruits

We never compromise on quality, and we prove that with every delivery we make to our customers.

Budget-friendly Prices

Whether organic or conventional, our produce is reasonably priced to fit every budget.

Fast & Safe Delivery

Count on our fast-class delivery services that even follow all safety measures to ensure that your produce is delivered safely.

Superior Customer Experience

We strive to provide a five-star customer experience with a knowledgeable and experienced team.


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